Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are You a Passive Line or a Powerful Line?

A simple line.

No matter whether you draw or paint it usually starts with a line. There are 3 types of lines; straight, angled and curved.

The straight line may be looked at as dull, passive and plain OR it can be seen as bold, brash and directional. Context changes the meaning. Lines can powerfully or subtly communicate and no line should be drawn carelessly. Each line should have have something to say. 

Lines can be very expressive. As an artist you should not think of a line as just outlining an object. If you do so, then you are a dullard and your line will be dull and lifeless. Yes dullard the truth hurts, but someone has to tell you.

All artists need to think of the line as a contour that creates form. Think of a line as being able to express emotion, texture and structure. Think of a line as being able to to show light and shadow.

Lines can lead the eye and be directional; whether implied or actual. More about that when we talk about composition. I have already touched on it when I discussed tangents. Think about the quality
of your line. Do you want it to be soft, angry, controlled or erratic? Or maybe broken, graceful or suggest movement?

I can only touch on the power of  the line here. This is just meant to be food for thought and motivate you to consider line carefully and embark on a study of it. let me leave you with one thought and one command. Every line should contribute to the storytelling. Practice drawing straight lines without a ruler everyday.

Next I'll discuss FORM.

to be continued…

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