Wednesday, May 8, 2019

How to Fix Your Flat Art

Your Flat Art Sucks

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day, we are offering our book Tangent City – Don't Go There: Reference Guide for Artists, Cartoonists, Designers, Illustrators and Painters for a limited time. 

Tangents are the number one killer of space and depth in your drawings, paintings, comic books and graphic novels. Tangent City is the place no serious artist wants to go. Tangent City – Don't Go There shows you how to recognize tangents in a drawing and then equips you to see how to avoid them in your art, comic books or graphic novels. This guide helps you build your understanding of tangents so you can avoid them and identify those that slip by you during the drawing process. Inside you'll find:

  • Complete identification of the different types of tangents.
  • Poor cropping which is related to tangents
  • Making flying and falling figures more dynamic and convincing
  • Shortcuts and tips show you how to take a flat drawing and make it dynamic and more interesting.

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