Thursday, January 26, 2017

Part 2 of What's New in ArtRage 5

ArtRage 5 New Features

  • Transform Tool
  • Remove Color Matte
  • Fill Tool Border and Slow Motion
  • Color Sampler
  • Tool Preset Menu
  • Canvas Rotation
  • Layer Panel Thumbnails

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

What's New in ArtRage 5?

Introductory Look at New Features in ArtRage 5 Beta

Custom Brush Tool & Custom Brush Designer
More Realistic Pencil and Pastel
Layer Effects
Layout Panel: Perspective, Guides, Snap Distance for Grids/Guides/Perspective
UI Redesign
Docking Mode
Night Mode
Multiple Documents
Improved Performance

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

First Look at the ArtRage 5 Beta Perspective Grid

A New Feature in ArtRage 5 is Perspective

ArtRage 5 offers a significantly expanded range of guideline features to assist in design and composition, adding Guides and Perspective to the existing Grids feature. 

The Perspective Grid lets you use one or two point perspective, loading the default sets or adding your own individual walls and floors around the horizon line then saving them for later use. You can customize the appearance and add or remove any line or section, as well as using ‘Snap to Perspective’ to help you draw.

You can also apply perspective when copy/pasting and transforming.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Winter Drawing Challenge Free Art Software Giveaway

I have a Giveaway to start off the New Year! I will give away a free ArtRage 5 license. You have until January 31st to become one of the lucky winners.

I want to find out how you feel about winter. Are you a Wonderland type of person or a Wasteland type? Create a winter themed illustration.

This contest ends January 31, 2017. I will take the top five that I like and then will have a poll where Internet surfers choose the winner. Winner will be announced Feb 14th.

The winner will get a free ArtRage 5 license from me. And you can download the software when it is available to the public.

Put your winter themed illustration on Tumblr or Twitter by Jan 31st.
Use the hashtags #abbawinter #drawingchallenge and mention us, so we see it @abbastudios

Are you a Winter Wonderland type of person or a Winter Wasteland type?

Remember... Just Create!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Interface - ArtRage 5 Beta Tutorials Ep. 29 on Abba Studios

Every menu, icon and pod has been redesigned to create a sleeker look.

• The layers panel is larger for easier viewing

• You can now switch between small and large layer thumbnails in the layers panel.

• The Presets menu is completely redesigned for easier browsing.

• The interface now scales automatically with your screen resolution and magnification level

• Fullscreen (press ‘D’) no longer hides part of the canvas behind the upper menu bar

• New canvas size is based on the size of images stored in the clipboard

• Transform is now a fullscreen mode offering more options and better control. It can be accessed using the ‘transform’ icon in the upper menu bar or by pressing Shift + T.

Docking Mode

Lets you set things up the way you want. You can now detach individual panels and position them around your screen or drag them to the right and left of the screen to handy docking bars. ArtRage will remember which mode you used last and open into it automatically.

You can enable docking mode by going to View > Interface.

Lights Out Mode

A dark interface mode. Turn on by going to View > Interface, and it applies to both the default and the docking interfaces.

Multiple Documents

You can now open and work with multiple ArtRage paintings at once. Switch between them easily as you work using shortcuts (Ctrl + Tab), the dropdown menu ior the pop out Documents Panel.

Remember... Just Create!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Artrage 5 Software Giveaway 2017 - 5 Ways to Win

I have an Art Software Giveaway to start off the New Year!

I will give away 5 free ArtRage 5 licenses. You have until January 31st to become one of the lucky 5 winners.

There are 5 ways to win.
I want to give ArtRage 5 to someone who has never used ArtRage at all. So show me your desktop and show me ArtRage is nowhere on your computer. Be honest. If you have any previous version of ArtRage, use one of the other ways to win. Give someone new a chance.

This contest ends January 31st. Winner will be announced Feb 14th.

ArtRage 4 will be 50% off until ArtRage 5 comes out and can then be upgraded, which works out to a 19% discount on the full price of ArtRage 5. So it’s definitely worth buying ArtRage 4 early if you are interested, you can get it here I get a little commission if you use this link.

The winner will get a free ArtRage 5 license from me. And you can download the software when it is available to the public.


Post your video on YouTube and link to it in the comments below.

No longer than 1 minute. That means don’t make a video longer than ONE minute.

The one winner for the Show Me Your Desktop giveaway will be randomly chosen by me. So don’t bore me. Get my attention. Be memorable. Be funny, make me cry or feel sorry for you. Whatever you do, keep my attention.

Remember... Just Create!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Why Do You Deserve Free ArtRage 5 Software?

We want to know why you feel you you deserve to be the lucky recipient of our ArtRage 5 giveaway.


Tell us in 25 words or less your reason for wanting to get this ArtRage 5 software in the comments below.

I will randomly choose a winner on January 31st.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

May you have a very Happy and Creative 2017

Remember... Just Create!