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Just Create is my blog sharing my tutorials, thoughts and how-tos on drawing comic books, graphic novels and comic strips. Discussing art, storytelling, anatomy, perspective, composition and other fun cartooning stuff. And some not so fun stuff, such as the business of the industry.

This has been running since 2012, so there is quite a bit of information here. Here are some pages to get you started. Go ahead, dip your toe in... the water's very refreshing!


Page Rates
How Much Do You Get Paid?

What are the Page Rates to do Comic Books?

Pay The Talent

How to Copyright your art and comic book creations

How to Not Copyright Your Art and Comic Book 

Work For Hire - Good or Bad?

Do You Want to Sell Merchandise With Celebrity Images?

Fan Art, Cosplay and Copyright Law



Visual Vocabulary
Express Yourself!

Blurred Lines

The Cunning Linguist

Are You a Passive Line or a Powerful Line?

How to do Wonders with Your Shape

Light and Shadow
Are Afraid of The Dark?

Crush the Composition

Composition is NOT...

Scream & Shout Field of Vision

It's All About Perspective

Gangnam Picture Plane

Comic Book Page Templates
for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Clip Studio Paint

Prepare Your Portfolio
The Secret to Putting Together  a Winning Portfolio

How to Find Work

How to Submit to Get Your Comic Strip Syndicated

Do You Really Want to Create Your Own Work and Self-Publish?

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