Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More About Sound Effects for Comics and Graphic Novels

Old School vs New School

The state of comic book sound effects make me yawn. Nowadays they mostly look alike. Yes you can buy fonts created specifically to be sound effects. You've seen them over and over again. I would have thought digital fonts would have opened the door to more creativity. It hasn't.

First, let's look at some more old school lettering and then some creative lettering being done today.

Here's some more old school sound effects that are very individual and complement the art and contribute to the storytelling. Something that is sometimes lacking with computer fonts.

I firmly feel that artist should draw their own sound effects. Make them part of the design of the page and fit the sound. The sound effects can be hand drawn and then rendered digitally by the letterer if you don't want to do it yourself..

Here is a great current example from Cafe Suada by Jade Sarson. We should all aspire to this level of creativity.

to be continued…

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