Friday, November 30, 2012

How to do Wonders with Your Shape

Line and form walk hand in hand to create substance.

We start with the cube and sphere. From these primary shapes more complex shapes are given birth: the cylinder, cone, pyramid and hexagon (or more correctly a hexagonal prism). Well really it should be called a polyhedron to account for any number of flat surfaces and straight edges. However it seems mathematicians can't agree on a definition for polyhedra, so you see it gets complicated.

We reduce the problem of drawing by by seeing everything as based on these forms and their relationships to each other.

There are two methods to build form using ovals and rectangles. Of course some mavericks like to combine both. Hmm… are they mavericks or undisciplined? I'm not sure.

Each series of ovals and rectangles help to build masses in proper proportion and relation  to each other. This helps to build a figure or object and give it structure and weight. Then we use line to define the contour and create it as we draw with confidence and s sense of finality.

There are 3 expressions of form: contour only, contrast and using light and shadow.

I'll end this here even though there is so much more to say on this and you should make the study and observation of form a part of your daily routine.

Next… Light and Shadow.

to be continued…

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Remember… Just Create!

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