Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Long Beach Comic & Horror Con

Talking with attendees after the digital comics panel
Talking with attendees after the panel

I had a great time giving my demo on HOW TO CREATE YOUR COMICS DIGITALLY. I really needed more time. I will ask to do this as a two hour workshop in the future.

I thank the attendees for their patience and attentiveness.

Now for those attendees you have to do two things to get the super secret link to the template I promised you. One is to make a comment below and I hope you remember the other.

The download link will only be good until Thursday.

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  1. I was the fat guy in the green shirt who asked you which tablet you were using. I also wish you had more time, it seemed as if you just scratched the surface when we were told to cut it for the next panel. I have gone poking though your blog to find other peals of wisdom. Have you ever thought about doing a webinar or a youtube teaching series? Thank you for the time and I will be looking forward to that tempplate.

  2. Hi Charles. Thanks for attending my panel. You have completed the two steps. The Super Secret Link is on it's way to you. Great idea about the webinar. The webinar would incur some costs to me so I decided to do Google Hangout instead.

    I do have a YouTube tutorial channel. You can check it out here

    Please continue check out the rest of my blog. It's full of useful stuff!

  3. Hello Howard.

    I'm one of the two guys that talked to you after the panel and was the shorter overweight bearded one. I'll email you later, but I did want to drop in and say how useful the panel was. I'm rather skilled in adobe illustrator, but was trained on it as a graphic designer and kind of cheated it and via brute force got it to do illustration stuff. It was great to see all the wonderful work arounds that it has now to make an illustrators life better. I've used it intensly integrated with my artwork (it just saved me so much work in the book that I just finished for an author) for a long while but was honestly going to start veering away from it for several reasons, but sitting in your panel half my head was going over what you were talking about about and half my head was thinking about how to better integrate it into my art process.

    I'm actually quite interested in a lot of what you didn't get to really give into like the varieties of the panel layouts and such and I would have been interested in how you don't end up with 500 layers by the time you'd be done with a page as (at least my CS3 Illustrator) doesn't have folders like photoshop does.You definately needed more time to really dive into more stuff. I could even see two classes. One for those that were asking what an art board (I don't mean that in any derogatory way and mean no offense on any level to that level of training)and another for those that know illustrator and the refinements and more specific stuff for those that know more about working digitally and the Adobe Platform on the whole. I'll be emailing martha about that when I hit her up on my own panel that I need to follow up with her on in January.

    You have a lot of stuff that you've got to share and have you thought of putting together a disc of some file set ups and stuff. As one that uses Adobe Illustrator as part of my artwork I know I'd gladly pay for a disc of files and templates. It'd be more focused on those that really use Adobe Illustrator, but man for those like me it'd be really useful. I'll definately be hitting up your blog for any goodies and pieces of wisdom you've got. With what I've seen of scanning it there seems to be a lot of gems there.

    Apologies if this is kind of wandering. I mostly just wanted to drop in and say thanks and make the request for the template download location.

    I'll be dropping you an email in the next few days regarding a few different things including the files that we talked to about after the panel. For the moment thank you for sharing your wisdom & I'll be hitting you up on social media in a few days (google plus, facebook & linked In) if you wouldn't mind as it's hard to find skilled Adobe Illustrator people.

    Thank you again.

    Topher Davila

    PS.. sorry for the length but I type fast...

  4. Thanks Topher for all the kind words. The length is nothing to apologize for, as it's good to know what you thought. The super secret link is on it's way to you.

    Today's the last day to get the link. So other attendees, please comment and do the second step on the right hand side.


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