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I’m here to share my knowledge of creating and the business of comic books, cartoons and other random stuff I’ve picked up since arriving on your planet. Ask me any question and I’m pretty sure I can answer it. My name is Howard "Abba" Simpson and have been working in the entertainment and advertising industries for over 10 years. I own Abba Studios. 

I learned to read from comic books and have wanted to create them from the first time I saw one. I am a cartoonist and have drawn comics and work in the animation industry. I will be talking about things related to the entertainment industry and it will mostly focus on comic books, graphic novels and animation. 

I enjoy long walks on the beach, picnics, banana pudding and I want world peace. I was on a championship fencing team in college. Foil is my weapon of choice. I once owned a comic book store.

My clients include Sony, HBO, Time Warner, Disney, Simon & Schuster, New York Newsday, DC Comics, Random House Warner Bros. Animation and more.

Recently worked on title opening for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014).

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Pictures speak a thousand words, so here’s some of my art!

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