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When does an inker use a trigger instead of a brush?

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A Pause for the Cause to Think About Ink

There are many decisions to made made concerning ink that I've discussed so far. I've grouped them here for easy reference.

A narrow nib must use a fluid, fast ink and gives the best performance.
Broad nibs must use slow inks with higher viscosity.

Fast ink will leave the nib before or at first contact with the paper. A slow ink will stick to the nib.

If your style does not rely on thin and thick strokes, then NEVER touch the nib to the paper. Let your nib hover closely above the paper and let the ink forming on the nib provide the contact.

A rough paper needs a fast, fluid ink. A smooth plate glossy paper requires a slow ink.

The higher the angle of your drawing table the more fluid the ink has to be to flow properly.
The lower the angle the slower the ink has to be in order not to flow too fast.

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