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Trip the Light Fantastic

Cityscape at night

How to Become a Comic Strip, Comic Book and Graphic Novel Artist

Tools of the Trade

39. TRACING PAPER - A translucent paper for sketches, overlays and tracing images. It makes tracing and transferring images effortless. Buy a pad or roll that contains no grease or wax.

40. TRANSFER PAPER - Graphite-coated paper to use like carbon paper to transfer an image to another surface. Clean to work with. It transfers waxless, greaseless, clean tracings that lay lightly on the paper surface and can be erased. A non-photo blue version is available also.

41. PUSH PINS - A metal point with a cylindrical head and that is easily inserted and withdrawn onto bulletin boards.

42. BULLETIN BOARD - A cork surface for posting paper, scripts, art, reference, inspiration, messages and whatever your little heart desires.

43. CUTTING KNIFE - Retractable utility knife, box cutter or X-Acto knife.

44. CUTTING MAT - Self-healing dual layer mat designed to remain smooth after repeated cuts made into the surface. Some have pre-screened square grids printed on the surface. Designed for extended use without wear.

45. LIGHTBOX - A glazed glass, durable plastic or durable acrylic surface which is slightly flexible and shatterproof over a lamp. It usually comes in white which has a see through quality.  Turn on the light and any piece of paper you put on top of the box becomes tracing paper.

46. OLD TOOTHBRUSH - Use this to create spatter with ink. Rub ink over the top and hold the toothbrush over the paper and stroke the bristles with your finger or stick. White ink over black ink can create star fields. A dry brush can be used to clean pen nibs.

47. JAR of WATER - While you should stay hydrated, this is to keep your tools clean.

48. ALUMINUM BRUSH WASHER - Has a spring coil that protects brush bristles by suspending your brushes in water or paint thinner.  The spring coil holds many brushes at the same time. And you can let your brushes dry afterwards above the liquid. Be sure you've twirled it to a point first. You can also use it when you just want to set the brush aside briefly.

A removable screen that traps solid particles to be lifted out so your water or thinner stays cleaner longer.

48. SMALL MIRROR - Use this to use yourself as quick reference for facial expressions and light and shadow on the face. Also hand gestures and positions.

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