Monday, April 9, 2012

Rolling In The Deep

How to Become a Comic Strip, Comic Book and Graphic Novel Artist


Computer software is a collection of computer programs and procedures that perform actions on a computer. The software are also called applications and programs.

The first piece of software to concern ourselves with is the operating system (OS). The OS manages hardware resources and supplies common services for application software. The operating system is the heart of the beast. Your mouse, tablet, scanner, keyboard, etc. can't work without it.

The root of all operating systems is either UNIX or MS-DOS.

Microsoft Windows was added to MS_DOS in 1985 to provide a graphical user interface similar to that which Apple gave to the Macintosh in 1984.
The current Unix based operating systems are Mac OS X, Linux, Andriod and BSD. All other operating systems are flavors of these.

Which one to choose to create comics?

First you want an OS that will run the various applications needed to create comics. That immediately cuts the choices to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

Mac OS was created to be used by creative people. Because of that most professionals, publishers and printers use the Mac OS. You will run into situations where a publisher and printer only accept Mac files. So you will have to convert a Microsoft Windows file to a Mac file or neutral/common file type.

Technology keeps marching on and with the rise of the internet and cloud computing it may all be homogenized soon and platforms won't matter.

There are professionals I know doing great work on Microsoft Windows. I find that whatever  OS you start with, that is the one people tend to stay with, which is odd to me. I use both, but I favor the Mac for ease of use and I can troubleshoot it myself.

If you are starting out, then I suggest you start with a Mac. I will be speaking from a Mac perspective as I continue. No need to get alarmed though as most applications are available on both platforms, such as the Adobe collection which has become the industry standard.

Next time we'll look at the two types digital imaging applications you can use to create that popular form of entertainment known as comic books.

to be continued....

Keep reading and follow me. If you have found this helpful, please let me know and share with other creators. Feel free to ask me questions.

Remember… Just Create!

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