Friday, February 20, 2015

Why Women Hate Comic Books and Why Boys Lust After Them

Black History Month

Clarence Matthew Baker 

Clarence Matthew Baker
(December 10, 1921 – August 11, 1959)

A black comic book artist who drew the costumed crimefighter Phantom Lady, among many other characters. He was possibly the King of Good Girl Art. One of the earliest black artists during the Golden Age who worked for the Iger Studio. He also penciled an early form of graphic novel, St. John Publications' digest-sized "picture novel" It Rhymes with Lust (1950)

Read more about him in Matt Baker The Art of Glamour,  Matt Baker with Love and check out It Rhymes with Lust.

Waayyy back in the Golden Age it was okay to exaggerate the human figure, especially females. It was pretty much okay to do anything you thought of at that time.

That is until Fedric Wertham published Seduction of the Innocent in 1954. He whined about gross and implied depictions of violence, sex, drug use and other adult happenings within crime comics. Gangster/murder-oriented titles of the time were not the only thing he considered "crime comics." He lumped in superhero and horror comics as well into the category. His book asserted that reading this material encouraged similar behavior in children and caused juvenile delinquency. (Yawn, how many times have we heard this fish oil since then?) Because only boys read comics.

Well he brought the industry to it’s knees (no homo)! Everything was toned down, except for scantily clad and well-endowed women, much to the chagrin of feminists everywhere.

How can it stop when guys enjoy drawing over sexualized women and boys do enjoy looking at the tatas?

Also, how did DC Comics miss snapping up Matt Baker to draw Wonder Woman? Can you imagine his Wonder Woman with the bondage overtones?

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