Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rock Paper Scissors

How to Become a Comic Strip, Comic Book and Graphic Novel Artist

Tools of the Trade

24. SCRAP PAPER - This can be cheap paper or if you have cut your bristol board, then the excess that is left over can be used. Scrap paper will be good for doing thumbnails, notes and for inking. You can use the scrap to always get rid of excess ink or to twirl your brush to a point to get started if needed. Also you can try out strokes before doing it on the final art. If you haven't yet mastered not putting your hand on the paper while you draw, then you can put scrap paper underneath your palm to prevent oil from your hand getting onto your drawing surface.

25. HALF-TONE SCREENS/SCREENTONE - A transparent printed flexible sheet with an adhesive layer that can be peeled off a backing paper and placed onto the art to simulate tones, shades an textures. It represents gray levels in the image using single black dots of varying sizes.

Saves time by allowing you to apply quick shades/texture to your line art. You need to take into account how much an image will be reduced when published. Best to make a photocopy at  the reduced size as a test. A test is a must if you are going to overlap screens.

There are various other papers used in the art world that can give you different effects such as tone paper and coquille board. Go out into the world and explore these papers/boards and stretch your artistic muscles.

26. ARTIST WHITE TAPE - A white tape that is acid-free and you are able to reposition it. Look for a good quality tape that is ink and pencil receptive and removable from most surfaces. It won't damage your paper upon removal.

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