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Inkers like to go with the flow

Comic Strip about sharing between man and woman

How to Become a Comic Strip, Comic Book and Graphic Novel Artist

Tools of the Trade

12. PEN NIB - The metal part of a dip pen and fountain pen that carries ink from the pen and deposits it on the paper. They are usually made of 14K or 18K gold alloy or of stainless steel. They have also been made of palladium and titanium alloys.
There are:
A. narrow/pointed or broad - that produce thin and thick strokes
B. medium rounded nibs - not designed to produce line variation
C. oblique nibs - a nib cut with the edge at an angle, instead of straight across, which changes the orientation of thin and thick strokes

A narrow nib must use a fluid, fast ink and gives the best performance.
A broad nib must use slow ink with higher viscosity.

Fast ink will leave the nib before or at first contact with the paper. A slow ink will stick to the nib and will not want to leave like a adult living in their parent's basement.

If your style does not rely on thin and thick strokes, then NEVER touch the nib to the paper. Let your nib hover closely above the paper and let the ink forming on the nib provide the contact

13. TECHNICAL PEN - A pen with a tubular tip and an ink reservoir in a cartridge.

14. FOUNTAIN PEN - A pen with a nib and an ink reservoir that supplies ink to the nib as needed. The release of ink is usually controlled by capillary action and an inflow of air so that flow is continuous like that of a fountain

15. PEN HOLDER - The body of a dip pen, the part into which the nib is inserted. The barrel and section of a fountain pen.

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