Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Interface - ArtRage 5 Beta Tutorials Ep. 29 on Abba Studios

Every menu, icon and pod has been redesigned to create a sleeker look.

• The layers panel is larger for easier viewing

• You can now switch between small and large layer thumbnails in the layers panel.

• The Presets menu is completely redesigned for easier browsing.

• The interface now scales automatically with your screen resolution and magnification level

• Fullscreen (press ‘D’) no longer hides part of the canvas behind the upper menu bar

• New canvas size is based on the size of images stored in the clipboard

• Transform is now a fullscreen mode offering more options and better control. It can be accessed using the ‘transform’ icon in the upper menu bar or by pressing Shift + T.

Docking Mode

Lets you set things up the way you want. You can now detach individual panels and position them around your screen or drag them to the right and left of the screen to handy docking bars. ArtRage will remember which mode you used last and open into it automatically.

You can enable docking mode by going to View > Interface.

Lights Out Mode

A dark interface mode. Turn on by going to View > Interface, and it applies to both the default and the docking interfaces.

Multiple Documents

You can now open and work with multiple ArtRage paintings at once. Switch between them easily as you work using shortcuts (Ctrl + Tab), the dropdown menu ior the pop out Documents Panel.

Remember... Just Create!

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