Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Artrage 5 Software Giveaway 2017 - 5 Ways to Win

I have an Art Software Giveaway to start off the New Year!

I will give away 5 free ArtRage 5 licenses. You have until January 31st to become one of the lucky 5 winners.

There are 5 ways to win.
I want to give ArtRage 5 to someone who has never used ArtRage at all. So show me your desktop and show me ArtRage is nowhere on your computer. Be honest. If you have any previous version of ArtRage, use one of the other ways to win. Give someone new a chance.

This contest ends January 31st. Winner will be announced Feb 14th.

ArtRage 4 will be 50% off until ArtRage 5 comes out and can then be upgraded, which works out to a 19% discount on the full price of ArtRage 5. So it’s definitely worth buying ArtRage 4 early if you are interested, you can get it here http://tinyurl.com/desartrage I get a little commission if you use this link.

The winner will get a free ArtRage 5 license from me. And you can download the software when it is available to the public.


Post your video on YouTube and link to it in the comments below.

No longer than 1 minute. That means don’t make a video longer than ONE minute.

The one winner for the Show Me Your Desktop giveaway will be randomly chosen by me. So don’t bore me. Get my attention. Be memorable. Be funny, make me cry or feel sorry for you. Whatever you do, keep my attention.

Remember... Just Create!

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