Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What Are The Ideal Body Measurements?

The below diagrams shows how different height measurements can be used for adults and children in drawing. The normal figure measures 7 1/2 heads in height. This looks kind of dumpy and why this measurement isn’t used much in comics. The ideal figure measures 8 heads in height. This was used in most Renaissance paintings. The heroic figure measures 9 heads in height. Most superheroes are drawn in this realm.

Difference Between Men and Women

Men’s shoulders are wider than their hips. The crotch is located exactly at the halfway point on his body. His knees are located hallway between his crotch and the soles of his feet. Men’s muscles create more bumps and angles. With women shoulders and hips are about the same width. The crotch is located exactly at the halfway point on her body. However, there is some leeway to move it up or down to create long legs or a long waist. Women are to drawn with soft, flowing curvy lines. We will discuss drawing women in a lot more detail in the future.


Realistic proportions for kids never look good in comics. So let’s skip that and get right to the idealistic measurements.
Andrew Loomis: Figure Drawing for All it’s Worth
Smooth fat layers cover their joints and may have dimples. Keep face features small in relation to head size. There a certain heights that people are accustomed to seeing in figures and make assumptions about them. These assumptions can be used to your advantage. To communicate about your character or to go against type to give your audience something unexpected.

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