Saturday, November 5, 2016

How Does Observing Anatomy Help Your Drawing?

Draw your bodies with energy, even when they are at rest. Think of it as a coiled spring ready to release. A crouching tiger ready to strike.
art © 2016 Marcin S

This example (used with permission) is from fellow artist +MARCIN s on G+. I show it here because it struck me as something we all should strive for in our figures. There is an economy of line, yet there is weight to the figure and a sense of life even though the figure is sitting.

When you draw a passive pose such as this, it can still have a sense of energy to it. This can be achieved by observation and drawing from life. Even though we may not be drawing at the time, our mind should always be observing and creating mental files for later use.

How do people stand? How does a woman hold her purse? The difference between how a man sits from how a woman sits.

As an artist, you should be training yourself to really SEE and not just look at what is around you.

to be continued…

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