Friday, December 20, 2013

So You Want to Collaborate on a Comic Book or Graphic Novel?

The easiest way to find a collaborator may be between two people who have known each other for a while. 

Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster

As a collaborator, each should share in the risk, ownership, copyright and royalties and whatever else they agree upon. If any money changes hands, however little; that amount is between them as creative partners in a speculative venture. 

So you didn’t grow up knowing an artist or writer, then how do you find someone to collaborate on a comic book, comic strip or graphics novel? You have your choice of social media to find talent to collaborate with on the comic. It’s always best to become part of the community and get involved. Let people get to know you. Your first post shouldn’t be “I’m looking for a (fill in talent here) to collaborate with on a comic book.” That always leaves a bad taste and tends to be ignored, except by the bottom feeders.

As you make yourself known and get to know people it’s easier to approach someone about working together. The two of you can throw some ideas back and forth and create something together. If you two decide to submit to companies, then follow the guidelines on the company web site. Maybe you two want to go the crowd funding route? In any case, it’s best to have your whole book done. Maybe you both chip in to self-publish a print comic or graphic novel. Or you can skip any costs by just creating a web comic.

I feel forums are a great way to find a collaborator and other talent. Here are some you may want to try.

If it’s not a money free collaboration, then it’s going to be a paid collaboration or just hiring someone to fulfill your vision. Everyone deserves to get paid a fair rate. A fair rate is not what you can afford to pay. Everyone should be paid - at the very least -  for their time.

Even though I wrote ‘fill in talent here’ let’s face it, it’s usually writers looking for artists. 

So next, let’s look at the ins-and-outs, do’s and don'ts of hiring talent.

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Keep reading and follow me. If you have found this helpful, please let me know and share with other creators. Are the explanations clear and complete? Feel free to ask me questions.

Remember… Just Create!

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Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster with their creation Superman
art copyright Neal Adams

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