Saturday, December 21, 2013

Denys Cowan art that UPS lost may be at large

Help Denys Cowan find his art

Last weekend there was a gala art show celebrating the history of Milestone Comics. To get ready for it, Michael Davis shipped a bunch of Denys Cowan original art to the Steve Geppi Entertainment Museum via UPS

Although the package was VERY securely wrapped, when it arrived, all but one piece of art had been removed, which UPS blamed on “poor packaging.”

Since it appears the package was opened in transit, it’s very possible that the following art is out there and could possibly be offered for sale–there are images of the pages in question at the link above, and anyone with any knowledge of the art is asked to contact Melissa Bowersox, President of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, by phone at (410) 458-4290 or by email at

Find out more information here.

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