Friday, June 21, 2013

Contest Time! Free Jot Touch!

My First Free Contest Give-Away!

This contest is no longer active. 

And the winners of the Jot Pro are
+Peter Chiu
+Andy Hunt
Enjoy your new stylus!

See a winner!

I will be giving away 2 free Adonit Jot Pros to 2 random people. The contest runs from now until July 31st. I will announce the two winners on August 1st.

All you have to do to enter the contest  is these two things.

1. Follow my blog publicly or add me to your Google+ circle. 
2. Make a comment on my most recent blog post and include the words "enter me"
As of 2:00 pm June 21, 2013 this is NOT the most recent post. Don't leave a comment here.

The winners will be chosen randomly.

Jot Pro is the best stylus I've used for the iPad and it works
great with all capacitive touch screens and Android Tablets

This is NOT my most recent post!

Edit July 27: I originally wrote this was a Jot Touch Pro, but the correct name is Jot Pro.

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  1. Great blog, we enjoy reading your tutorials and how-tos! Please 'enter me' in your contest!

  2. I don't have an iPad or need for a stylus other than my trusty Intuos but I'm following your blog 'cause I like it. Great resource!


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