Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Introduction to Speech Balloons and Lettering for Comic Books

Word Balloons and Lettering for your Comic Book, Comic Strip and Graphic Novel

Okay, it looks like I can get back to a regular blogging schedule.

This is an introduction to word balloons and lettering.

I started learning lettering by hand when I began my career. I quickly decided I rather spend my time drawing. I didn't enjoy hand lettering. However, I did make sure I did the balloon placements whenever I could. Every artist should do this if you are not lettering your own work.

As an artist the word balloons should be considered a part of the page design and not an after thought.

If you are working with a writer from a plot, then you can't really incorporate the balloons into your layout. After the script is written make sure you do the balloon placements.

If you are the writer or get a full script from the writer, then you should make the balloon placement a consideration in your page design.

I do the lettering with the computer now, so I'll be discussing that. 

Here's how to hand letter comics.

Until tomorrow take a look at this fine example of hand lettering by Todd Klein.

He may still have some prints available. Check out his blog. Tell him I sent you.

OOHH my! I just found this minutes after I posted my blog, by Chris Oatley about balloon placement. Consider it a preview of what I'm going to cover.


to be continued…

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