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Talking the Talk

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How to Make a Comic Strip, Comic Book and Graphic Novel

Terminology Continued

32. INDICIA - A legal statement that contains the name of the people in the company and the address of the company.

33. LOGO - A graphic design used for the title of the book, character and company.

33. BLACKS - Areas filled with solid black ink on the artwork.

34. BWS - Shorthand for Black With Stars . Pencilers write BWS instead of shading in black with pencil to tell the inker what areas are solid black with stars to indicate a space background or starry night. This is helpful for a few reasons. It saves time for the penciler so they put more time into drawing other things. The inker erases all that shading anyway, to get rid of all that graphite. The ink can ride on top of the graphite and can get messy, so the inker is saved some time. This is commercial art, not fine art, so there's no need to do any fancy shading when ink can't replicate it.

35. SWIPES - Other people's drawings and photos which an artist uses as a reference for their own drawings. A good use of swipe is as a reference or inspiration. A bad use of swipe is copying another artist's work line for line.

36. REFERENCE FILES -  A file containing photos/images of different visual subjects for use in an artist's creative work. the subject should contain a wide of any and everything an artist could be called upon to draw such as anatomy, animals, architecture, vehicles, faces, fashion from different time periods, weapons, furniture, etc.

37. COLOR HOLD - Black ink line work becomes color. Usually used for special effects like lasers, clouds, smoke, invisibility, fire, explosions, etc. The penciler can create a color hold traditionally by drawing that part of the art on an overlay made of vellum, acetate or mylar. Digitally the effect can be achieved in various ways; the simplest is to just put it on another layer.

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Photo Reference

Stuart Immonen on Computers and Art

Glossary of Printing Terms

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