Sunday, September 17, 2017

What Are Comics Better at Than Movies?

What Do Comics and Graphic Novels Do that Live Action Movies and TV Cannot?

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Combine visuals and texts.

Use sound effects as part of the visual narrative.

Use action and speed lines.

Depict action and dialogue simultaneously that are impossible to do in film.

Can read the character’s thoughts.

Use panels to play with the sense of time and space.

Metamorphosis of objects into panels.

Does not have to appeal to a wide demographic.

Time is for represented by space - the panel’s distance from each other.

A page can be designed.

Can use juxtaposition to imply or infer to the reader.

Can infer a comparison between panels, even if they are not next each other.

One page can be a series of panels that make one larger meta-panel.

Reader can stop, think and compare panels and pages.

Rita can flip back and forth between pages.

Narrative captions to explain things, clarify emotions, actions and motivations.

Comic stories can be very complex and nonlinear, yet still be understandable. Because the reader can absorb it at their own pace and reread it.

Pacing is controlled by the amount of dialogue, text, panel size and amount of detail in panel.
  • Minimal amount of dialogue in action scenes.
  • More dialogue to slow down for thoughtful moments.
Create rhythms with amount and size of panels.

Each panel is a frozen moment to sell that part of the story.

Be representational, impressionistic and abstract at the same time.

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