Wednesday, January 14, 2015

8 - ArtRage 4 Symmetry Tool Tutorial

ArtRage. Your Mirror Can’t Do This

There are quite a bit of drawing and painting software out there. Some very expensive and some not so good. Some very inexpensive and are great to use. 

I will take some time to focus on them. First, we will start with ArtRage. 

ArtRage is drawing and painting program built from the ground up for artists. It very closely, simulates natural drawing and painting tools. It also has a very short learning curve. And costs less than $50.

You may get ArtRage here

Provides on-canvas 'mirrors' that generate symmetrical strokes as you paint; with control
over the number, angle, center point of the axes and the type of symmetry (rotational
or mirrored).

Remember… Just Create!

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