Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Cunning Linguist

Iconography Part 1 - Visual Vocabulary of Graphic Novels, Comic Books and Comic Strips

Here we are at symbols. Up until now, a valiant attempt has been made to discuss visual vocabulary in a way that has no relation to style or to western and eastern cultures. You could draw realistically, abstractly or very cartoony and most of what has been discussed would apply.

Now here's where we separate the big foot artists from the representational. Hold on to your chapeau, as this might make your brain hurt. We need to get some definitions in order.

Symbol – an image which gets its meaning only through the association of a systematic form from a rule or convention.

Iconic – an image gets its meaning through resemblance to what it means.

Glyph - an image that gets it's meaning from a stereotypical or common association. It's an artistic shortcut that can sometimes be a caricature or just the result of laziness.

No graphics to illustrate these right now, as I don't want to poison you. You shouldn't  get a fixed image in your head yet.

to be continued…

Remember… Just Create!

to be continued…

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