Thursday, May 2, 2013

Composition is NOT...

What composition is NOT!

Composition is not about using the Rule of Thirds or the Golden Ratio. There is no rule or formula that will help you to create a great of even good composition. 

Rule of Thirds

Golden Ratio

You can't draw 9 squares of whatever and place objects on it and think you are going to have a good composition.

You must develop your eye to be sensitive to relationships and let that guide the procedure and form of the composition. Find examples in nature of Opposition, Transition, Subordination, Repetition and Symmetry. Draw them using line.

Copying nature will not help you to create a great of even good composition. 

Wow, I'm just full of good news, huh? So what is this all about then? It's about becoming sensitive to and developing an appreciation for harmony and spacing relations. Appreciation for the beauty and fineness of relations are something you must own. You can't get this academically and then execute what you've learned. It must become a part of you. The mystery of spacing is revealed to the sensitive eye and the appreciative mind.

Well, now that I've dropped that bomb on you, what's next?

Next… Practice.

to be continued…

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