Monday, March 11, 2013

The Hangover Perspective

What is the Vertical Plane? Do I have a Hangover?

Even though this is called two-point perspective, there may be more than two points in the drawing.

You may have drawn a desk, yet it won't look normal if everything on the desk is parallel to the desk. So when another cube is placed on the first cube and it is at an angle it goes to it's own set of 2 points.
So you can have many objects on a desk that each go their own set of vanishing points and it will still be a two-point perspective drawing.

Now with that in mind, what happens when you have something at an angle that points away from the horizon line? For instance, what happens when you have a box with a lid or angled roof top?

We have to make use of a vertical plane. The vanishing points of the lines in the vertical plane bear the same relationship as those on the horizon line.

The vertical plane is established by the vanishing point on the horizon line.

A box with the lid hanging open will have the vanishing points of the lid go the vertical plane.
No matter what angle the lid is at it's vanishing point will be on this vertical plane.

to be continued…

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