Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's all about perspective.

Let's Discuss Perspective

Woopsies! I forgot I was on the topic of composition and jumped ahead to perspective. So I'll do perspective for the next few days and get back to composition. Sorry about that.

You need to know perspective to create a sense of depth. A simple way to understand it is that objects appear smaller when they are farther away from you. You can observe this with your eyes and draw comics that have a sense of depth.

There are two types of perspective: atmospheric (also called aerial) and linear ((also called parallel).

Atmospheric Perspective: A technique for drawing objects lighter the farther away they are from the reader. This is accomplished by drawing lines that decrease in size  the greater the distance from the reader. Also drawing distant objects with less detail. Tone is used with color. Contrast is used too. A dark object will appear closer than a light object.

Linear Perspective: A system for creating the illusion of depth and distance using intersecting lines that converge at one, two or more points on a horizon line (also called eye level).

So let's discuss linear perspective a little more in-depth. This will serve as a basic introduction to the concepts.

Two things to remember.
First thing to keep in mind is that all parallel lines seem to converge as they go away from the reader.

Next to keep in mind is that the horizon is the edge of the earth. The horizon line is always at the eye level of the Omnipotent Observer.

You have three decisions to make:
  1. The station point of the Omnipotent Observer.
  2. The eye level of the Omnipotent Observer.
  3. The vanishing point.

Remember these 2 things and the three decisions you must make and you'll have a good handle on perspective.

Now if something isn't clear here, then now is the time to write your questions in the comment box below, because I'm going to leave you hanging for now.

to be continued…

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Keep reading and follow me. If you have found this helpful, please let me know and share with other creators. Are the explanations clear and complete? Feel free to ask me questions.

Remember… Just Create!

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